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Dr. Mohammed Abdul Basith, Professor,
Department of Physics, BUET

Nanotechnology, in general, refers to the arena of research dealing with matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications. Encompassing nanoscale science, engineering and technology, nanotechnology involves synthesis, modeling, characterization, and manipulating properties of matter at this nanoscale. At such microscopic domain, the morphological, electrical and magnetic properties of materials differ in fundamental and valuable ways from the properties of individual atoms and molecules or bulk matter. The potential of understanding and creating improved materials, devices, and systems exploiting these new properties has driven multi-disciplinary research and massive strides in this field. Although the exploration of novel nano-materials for various applications sounds exciting, state-of-the art research demands a dedicated nanotech research lab with modern experimental and analytical facilities.

Keeping this in mind and also to keep pace with modern trend in research in related fields, we, at the Nanotechnology Research Laboratory (NRL) at the Dept. of Physics, BUET, are gradually progressing our investigations. Since its inception in April 2014, different infrastructural facilities have been provided by BUET authority. The task of developing various synthesis and characterization facilities in such a short time-span is quite daunting, however, this has been established through research grants for our various projects.



Research Themes

The NRL currently has modern facilities to synthesize novel nano-particles and their bulk counterparts and also to characterize the synthesized materials to explore their potentiality in various applications. In addition, collaboration with research groups from home and abroad has enabled us to accelerate our progress. The outcome of our research has been published in various high impact peer-reviewed journals as well as recognized international conferences. NRL aims at carrying on and expanding up-to-date research in Nanoscience and Technology, albeit within the scope of our limitations.


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Nanotechnology Research Laboratory (NRL)
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